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Dr. Sun Park Kuo DMD FAGD

Our Mission
A Happy Mouth makes a Happier You.  We use our mouth every day to talk or to eat.  Your mouth is a reflection of your overall health.  We work hard to offer you the best personalized care possible, in the comfortable setting.  You will be amazed at our top notch customer service!






How We Started
Dr. Sun Park Kuo dedicated to learn more about new technology and current dentistry.  If you take a close look at her smile, she has only three front teeth.  That is how she started to learn about dentistry.  Based on her own experience, she would do her best to help your overall health.  She corrected her headache problems with NTI and Six Month Smiles or Invisalign.  We would do our best to help you have a Happier Smile for you!






Everybody has his or her story.  This is Dr. Sun Park Kuo's story...






Dr. Sun Park Kuo immigrated to the United States when she was 19.  Unfortunately, she did not have the best oral hygiene back then and lost her front tooth at that time.  Shortly after, she realized the importance of complete oral health and dentistry.  She attended the pre dental school program at USC, then graduated from Nova Southeastern University  with a Doctorate in Dental Medicine in 2005.  Then she went for further education at Ohio State University Medical Center.  She received the prestigious fellowship in the Academy of General Dentistry (FAGD) 2012.  She was awarded the America Top Dentist Award, 2014.  Only 6% of teneral dentist received FAGD.  She enjoys doing dentistry.  But when she has off days, she enjoys drawing. 







Everybody has his or her story






Our dear patient, Betty Byrne handed  money to us.  "Taking care of people who are taking care you!  Thank you for your hard work!"  We shared coffee and donuts. 

Thank you very much, Betty!  

Family Dental Care
Family Dental Care

Your Smile Is Our Passion

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